Pre-planning Information

Peace of Mind

More and more people today are taking the time to discuss their funeral planning. Pre-planning your funeral only makes good sense. Financial Planners suggests that everyone should pre-arrange their funeral.

It certainly makes it a lot easier on your family at the time of death. It also insures that your desires are considered and allows you to make difficult decisions unencumbered by the burdens of emotional stress that normally accompany a loss. Pre-planning allows you the time to talk, investigate, compare, and come to decisions that will meet your individual family needs.

There is no cost involved to meet with our Pre-Need Funeral Counselor, and it only takes a few minutes to discuss the basic information you will need to make an informed decision. Pre-arranging can be as simple as providing us with your name, address, and also the person to contact upon your death. It can be as thorough as planning every detail of your funeral and set aside funds. It can also be somewhere in between. You are in total control. Our family and staff are here to carry out your desires. The many options will be given you at the pre-need arrangement.

For your convenience, simply give us your name, address, contact phone number and email address.  All information is entered on a secured form using the latest technology to ensure your privacy and security. Only Jay Chapel personnel will have access to your information and rest assured that it will be kept in strictest confidence.  We will contact you for a pre-need arrangement to answer all your questions.

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Information About FORE
This is a direct link to a company that Jay Chapel uses that provides burial insurance for families
Visit their website for more information.